This is a beautiful antique whale's tooth scrimshaw.  It is also a large tooth.  The artwork depicts a whaling adventure on with the row boat ready to strike a breeching whale.  The whaling bark is cleverly framed by a large cloud.  The other side shows an intricate view of the whaling bark, also framed by a large cloud.  What makes this a truly unique piece in that the tooth has a flat end.  The artist takes advantage of this unusual facet by carving a compass onto the tip.  The detail is amazing.  This tooth measures over 5" by 3". The weighty tooth itself is very interesting with its nice patina and natural features and makes a fine addition to any collection. (16) $1195



This is a beautiful antique whale's tooth scrimshaw, one. On one side is an interesting rendering of an actual whale hunt.  Two ships near an island to reel in their quarry.  The superior detail shows the waves and the beautiful ships. The other side has a single ship hauling a whale onboard.  You can almost feel the wind and smell the sea air.  This tooth is larger than most and measures 6 1/2" by 2".  This is a very nice piece. (37)  SOLD



Beautiful and rare belaying pin ornately carved and scrimshawed to create a nearly 9 inch long piece of art.  A whale is apparently chained to one side and a harpoon to the other.  The whimsical piece has two half-round bands that support a compass intricately carved on the non-pointy end.  The patina is rich and the craftsmanship superb.  This is a very long piece and brings the history alive both in carving and artwork with some heft thrown in for good measure.  (49) $1,395


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