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- Welcome to a preview of The ProForma - The First Tool in Business.  In this course, the student with take a screen full of empty rectangles and create a fully functional business tool.  The ProForma will help the student analyze any business that they’re seeking to start or invest in.  Each lesson will start with an overview of the lesson. 



- An overview of The ProForma - The First Tool in Business.  You will learn the crucial first step in turning your business dreams into reality.  Students will learn how to analyze a business opportunity before any money changes hands.  You’ll also learn how to evaluate an existing business you're thinking of buying or investing in.  This business tool, once mastered, can even empower you to provide a fee based consulting service to other business investors. 


"This is a course that should be taught in every business school in the country."


Case Study: #1

Cancer Cure


Here we provide a case study of a business opportunity that is so good to be true that most of the planet are or will become clients.  So long as costs can be brought down to Earth.  The key to this study is that The ProForma should be used first to analyze the opportunity.

Here is a business that would be so much fun to run, so thrilling to go to work each day and the potential is truly universal.