The ProForma: Lesson Plan





- Welcome to a preview of The ProForma.  In this course, the student with take a screen full of empty rectangles and create a fully functional business tool.  The ProForma will help the student analyze any business that they’re seeking to start or invest in.  Each lesson will start with an overview of the lesson. 



- An overview of The ProForma - The First Tool in Business.  You will learn the crucial first step in turning your business dreams into reality.  Students will learn how to analyze a business opportunity before any money changes hands.  You’ll also learn how to evaluate an existing business you're thinking of buying or investing in.  This business tool, once mastered, can even empower you to provide a fee based consulting service to other business investors. 


Lesson One


– We begin the framework of The ProForma so the student can see the value and power of the course.  We select the specific business and gain an understanding of the overall structure.

Lesson Two


 - The framework is completed and the relationship between revenue and expenses begins.  Sales become the drivers of success and we begin to prepare the document for insertion into the business plan.  A discussion of the importance investors and investing begins using The ProForma as a main resource in the presentation.

Lesson Three


– We begin to enter our wonderful formulas and gain an understanding of the how formulas work to keep our accuracy and relevancy in the business examination process.  We also learn about absolute referencing and get some tips on moving data around the document. 

Lesson Four


– We set up the expense portion of The ProForma and learn the difference between variable and fixed costs.  We also incorporate Cost of Goods Sold, opening balance, running totals and the first month’s cash flow is completed.

Lesson Five


 – First, we create Month 2 and begin to understand cash flow from Month 1 to Month 2.  We then complete the data population through Month 16.  At that point the student will have a working version of The ProForma in which to experiment and begin to more fully comprehend the magnitude of this business tool.

Lesson Six


– We will learn how to tweak the expenses to more accurately portray the business and use some of the spreadsheet features to make moving about easier.  We’ll also begin to format The ProForma to create a professional looking document suitable for review by investors.

Lesson Seven


 – We’ll fine tune The ProForma to reflect real life considerations for our business and analyze sales requirements, break even analysis and complete the finishing touches for a professional looking document.

Lesson Eight


- The ProForma is ready for action - the business is refined, costs and revenues based on real numbers are implemented and income, best case/worst case and break-even analysis are presented.  Business basics are shown with numbers, costing products and the final presentation.  Break-even at various prices and sales are examined and the finished document is ready.


Case Study: #1
Cancer Cure


– Here we provide a case study of a business opportunity that is so good to be true that most of the planet are or will become clients.  So long as costs can be brought down to Earth.  The key to this study is that The ProForma should be used first to analyze the opportunity.

Here is a business that would be so much fun to run, so thrilling to go to work each day and the potential is truly universal.