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I left a large Wall Street firm (I manned the foreign currency option desk for a short period in their World Trade Center office) and began my consulting career in 1986 by writing business plans for Atlas Worthington, an international funding company.  The directors were all very wealthy and when an adventure into World War II Japanese gold got out of hand, they put the firm into bankruptcy.  They found a discombobulated bankruptcy attorney and when the gold dust settled, he became my first client.  As I wrote the plans and disclosure statements for bankrupt businesses coming through the process, I found I needed a quick and reliable way to test whether the firms should liquidate or reorganize.  This was the birth of The ProForma.  From there, as spreadsheet software became more sophisticated, so too did my clientele.  I have used The ProForma in businesses ranging from small to large, from phosphate mines to housing subdivisions, from airlines to internet companies, from Sri Lanka through Beijing and across North America. 

I needed a template for quick and consistent evaluation of potential profits and from which I could generate numbers for investor and creditor review.

I also needed to have a source to derive accurate and varied numbers to complete the financials in business plans.

I have a Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Accounting.   I played rugby at both an intercollegiate and international level.

And that leads us to today.  When looking at entrepreneurial websites and promotions, they seem to gloss over the viability phase and jump right into the Executive Summary.  I think I have a terrific business tool, its been road-tested on various sized companies initial financials and I think we put together a fun way to learn such a dry and imposing subject. 


Career Milestones:

  For Cherokee Indian Tribe - Architect of Tribal Sovereign Bank - designed to allow "offshore" banking on tribal lands

For international telecom company - designed and implemented software allowing company to compare financial statements of any size, used as precursor to merging "Baby Bells"

For large oil company - designed and implemented software allowing data received from oil well drilling heads to be graphed for determination of payouts for natural gas and oil deposits

For several companies - designed/implemented human resources forecast/budget/billing modules

Designed/built fabulous 6,500 square foot single family home

Developed/Marketed resort property Abaco, The Bahamas

Judicial advocacy resulting in FL Statute revision

Designed/developed duplex subdivision, Caldwell, TX

For Sri Lankan government - business plan for phosphate mine with railroad thru Tamil Tiger territory to Trincomalee Harbour instead of Colombo

Expert witness - international finance - Federal Court (6 appearances)




Deals That Crossed My Desk

  Angie's List

A 27 foot long papyrus scroll with plans for a 3 pyramid complex on the Vegas Strip

A vending machine that sold computer software




I currently live in the Brazos Valley, TX.